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Выиграй приз от Kings Summer Pangbourne College!

Первые 50 человек, приславшие правильные ответы на тест, получат призы от Kings Summer Pangbourne College. Можно гуглить, главное - не сделать ни 1 ошибки :))

Ответы присылайте на эл. адрес: green_street05@mail.ru с пометкой "Конкурс. Тест".

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Ждём счастливчиков, чтобы порадовать их призами!!! ;)

1. How is the word Albion related to Britain?

  • a) It is a part of Great Britain
  • b) It is a n ancient name for Britain
  • c) It is its famous landmark

2. What do we call back benchers?

  • a) Football fans In Great Britain
  • b) All people who sit on the backbenches
  • c) Members of Parliament who do not hold a senior position

3. Where does the Ceremony of the Keys take place every night?

  • a) At Buckingham Palace
  • b) At the Tower of London
  • c) At Westminster Abbey

4. What is Downing Street famous for?

  • a) It contains the official London home of The British Prime Minister
  • b) It sells fashionable clothes
  • c) It is the central street in London, where most of Britain’s major newspapers used to have their main offices

5. What do we call egg-rolling?

  • a) a traditional Easter custom in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • b) a festival
  • c) a way to cook eggs

6. What do we call Good Friday?

  • a) The Friday before Easter
  • b) The Friday before Christmas
  • c) The Friday before New Year

7. What do we call Highland dress?

  • a) costumes worn on formal occasions
  • b) the traditional costume worn by Scottish men on formal occasions
  • c) a wedding dress

8. Hogmanay is

  • a) the name in Scotland for New Year
  • b) the name in Wales for New Year
  • c) the name in Northern Ireland for Great Britain

9. What is The Lord’s Mayor’s Show?

  • a) a theatrical performance
  • b) a festival
  • c) a public procession in London

10. The nine o’clock watershed refers to

  • a) the time before which scenes of violent behaviour shouldn’t be broadcast
  • b) the time when children should go to bed in Britain
  • c) the time after which under aged children are not allowed to walk alone

11. St Patrick is

  • a) the national saint of Ireland
  • b) the national saint of Wales
  • c) the national saint Of England

12. Poppy Day is another name for

  • a) Veteran’s Day
  • b) May Day
  • c) Remembrance Day
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